Welcome to Innovation Insights

Established in 2011, Innovation Insights is a cross-sectoral initiative that shares business perspectives on innovation and technology diffusion with policymakers, inter-governmental organizations, and others working to develop solutions to society's greatest challenges.

Technological progress will be critical to addressing challenges in ways that are cost-effective, in areas such as the environment, delivery of government services, healthcare, communication, education, and job creation. Increasingly, business objectives are aligned with societal needs, as companies target their efforts to address the most pressing challenges in each market, partnering with a range of stakeholders to find solutions.

Innovation Insights advocates for strong innovation frameworks that are business model-neutral and that provide incentives for investments in R&D and the commercialization of new technology solutions over the long term. We work with diverse stakeholders to promote technological advancement for all countries. Innovation Insights is an accredited observer at the World Intellectual Property Organization and at the World Trade Organization.

Innovation Insights has partnered with innovation leaders including: